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The actual history of APS goes back to 1957 when our Founder, Fred Shaedel, first worked with and for Hudson Plating and Harshaw Chem Co. in Cleveland, Ohio. Martin and Alcoa Anodize Processes were modified to meet our requirements. The large production jobs that we remember and refer back to in those early days in Ohio are Black Anodize on camera parts(Morse Instruments) and color anodize on fishing reels(Phlenger Co.) During this period the Founder of APS studied and conducted special research on complex ions and chelating agents at Drake University.


    After going to California in 1961 and working at Coast Engineering (now Coast Plating) and Lockheed (LEC) the chelation chemistry became very important and patents were applied for. The first patent application in 1961 (Chemical Additive-Anodic 15) was to lead to other patents, and then on to Alpha Process Systems. The second patent application for a Pulse Waveform System was issued in 1968( Pat no. 3,418,222 - Assigned to Murdock Inc.). This first Pulse System was to be modified later five major time (1978 -1985 -1991 -1995 -1999).

    To remain state of the art during this period the Chemical Additives and Electronic Pulse System were integrated into one Heavy Production Process which was used on both commercial and military parts. Some examples are as follows:

    • Screw Machine Parts - 2011-2024 Alloys:
      • Prevention of burning
    • Automotive Parts - Electronic Ignitions:
      • Heat sinks and Insulators
    • Aircraft Mid Air Refueling Systems:
      • KC-135 and B-52
    • Apollo 5 to end of program:
      • Special System Hard Anodize and Black Dye
    • Military Aircraft Production - F5, F5T Tiger, T38-Northrop:
      • High Production / Nato Countries
    • Architectural Aluminum Anodizing: 
      • High Production


    Tremendous progress was made with the System between 1972-1978. However the System was still captive - only used by a select few Anodizers working with Schaedel Laboratories. However the Systems were getting vast exposure to the Air Force and Navy with numerous contracts issued and many thousands of parts were processed. Our Library of information underwent major expansion during these years. Some examples are as follows:

    • Aircraft:
      • Hydraulics F-15, F-16
      • Control Systems - Surfaces
      • Helicopter Blades
    • US Navy:
      • Sonabuoy Tubes
      • Trident Missile
      • Torpedo Systems
    • Commercial Aircraft:
      • Boeing 737-747
      • Mac-Douglas DC9-10


    It was not until 1977 did the name Alpha appear. We then became Alpha Process Systems after a major research and development breakthrough was made. One particular patent (Pat. no 4,152,221) marks the start of Alpha Process. Alpha marked the first Alpha Anodize System to integrate state of the art

    • Chemistry
    • Electronics (Waveform)
    • Automatic Control

    together for the first time.

    Formal licensing and sales of the Process is known as Alpha to the entire Anodize Industry which started in 1978. In some cases we had to license certain facilities due to Alpha Anodize already being used on military parts with specific military approval.

    Alpha Process specifications were written for commercial and military applications and many systems were installed coast to coast. In many cases these customers came to Alpha Process first with little or no contact from APS. Alpha Process was overloaded with work after already having a prior official consulting commitment to the US Air Force and Navy.

    With the installation of Alpha Systems coast to coast came the solving of numerous Anodize problems by APS. This added a wealth of information to our library to be used later by Alpha Plus in a new Microprocessor Computer System. This data compiled would be tested on new Automatic Controllers in production from 1990 - 1997 - 2000 and up.

    The Specialized and Production Systems Alpha Process has been used at over 20 different APS licensed facilities.


    In 1989 Alpha started the complete spectrum approach for the 1990's. After continuing research with our customers we could now offer Alpha Process covering the complete spectrum for Anodizing as we reviewed our state of the art systems.

    Alpha Process now continued to try and give the Anodize Industry everything it needed or demanded. Extensive training programs were set up for our customers. Consulting research and process procedure development was carried out for numerous customers one on one. The APS Library of technical information grew immensely during this period.


    In 1997 Alpha decided to make two major changes and try to start the new chapter of Alpha Process: Alpha Plus. We looked at:

    • What is Alpha Process?
    • How must it change to stay state-of-the-art?

    All our Additive Chemistry would be integrated into one additive with a 20+ mil thickness capability. The most advanced electronics would be used in our standard systems due to competition and some of our systems being partially copied to some degree. All Automatic Controls would be updated with the help of the best electronic engineering available integrating a 40 year APS Library into Automatic Process Tank Control. We would then try to combine these programs with new additional service oriented training personnel to better make available Anodize Systems on a timely basis.

    This is Alpha Plus

    Allow the new Alpha Process the opportunity to solve your Anodize problems.   Call us today!