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APS Chemical Additives

• High efficiency rating

• Cost effective in production

APS additives have the longest state of the art record as compared to all other present systems on the market. APS additive production performance since 1978 has proven our systems to be superior on numerous commercial, military, aircraft, and other specialized customer parts.

We have the hardest and fastest coating systems utilizing more electrons (AH) to produce anodize and less gassing which is easily proven in production with our real time graphic computer print out.

After years of continuing research and improvements we have the only additive with all of the following chemistry in one integrated system.

• Complex carboxyl groups

• Complex ions/chelates

• Amino acids complexes

• Amine complexes

• Hydroxy activated chemistry

You may wonder why we have noted chemical groups which may only mean something to an electrochemist. Well we are simply stating that these groups are always being studied by APS in various formulations and tested to arrive at what we believe are and will continue to be the best anodize additives – remembering three area of prime importance

• Quality

• Efficiency/Productivity

• Economics

Please note – all comparative analyses and testing on anodize processing were carried out in production – not in the laboratory.