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APS Pulse Systems work directly with our chemistry during anodic coating formation. Our founder established his first basic patented pulse system in 1967 which has been constantly updated with major modifications and improvements making APS a leader in high tech performance. Our leader has researched and assembled just about every type of pulse and superimposition circuit possible in those early days.

Our Alpha Pulse units can be installed on any standard rectifier to increase efficiency and accelerate APS additive performance. However APS does recommend a special half wave rectifier which will give maximum process efficiency. We are listing the different types of rectifiers and AC Superimposition systems which have been used with APS pulse along with the particular pulse types installed.

Rectifiers/Power Supplies:

• 1000 – 5000 Amps DC Special half wave (APS/Rapid)

• 1000 – 3000 Amps DC standard half wave

• 1000 – 5000 Amps DC full wave

• 1000 Amp 60 Cycle superimposed AC/DC

• 400 Cycle Superimposed AC/DC

(Various rectifier manufacturers include Rapid, Aldonix, Dynapower, Control Power, General Electric)

APS Pulse Units:

• High Pulse/LP 0-60 CPS

• High Pulse/LP 0-300 CPM

• Square Wave Pulse

• SCR Phase Control Pulse

• Capacitance/Inductance Pulse

This list is only included here to show how extensive our work has been in the field of pulse anodizing.

Let us clarify two points at this time. First – our Pulse systems are easy to install and operate. Second – In every case when our systems were installed on the rectifiers noted above there was a marked increase in efficiency and production which is absolutely proven by the increased anodize coating rate and quality as related to density and pore structure.